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Sunday, April 01, 2012

EX LIGER, again.

It's Sunday, 010312. We're in the last phase of EX LIGER. It's been tough, really tough. I do not really feel the days pass. Rather it feels as though I've been through one heck of a really long day.

Guess what I'm doing now? Yes, another two-hour shift. This is the only time we've got to sleep in the exercise (illegally) but I'm using it to write my journal.

This stand-two, however, is a special one because I'm actually awaiting actual contact. I'm actually guarding a 4COIL which has a vehicle lane open. After contacting the enemy we are supposed to close the vehicle lane and perform immediate retrogression.

Again, I'm going to just relax my mind and talk about my sensory feedback.

I'm seated down facing the extreme left of the last column of the 4COIL pickets. I have my rifle at my right and an orange notebook on my lap (which is what I'm writing on). I hear snoring from behind (probably Nelson). The sound of bird chirping fills the air as birds comb the trees around me. It's 0653 so it is bright enough for me to see the horizon of vegetation fade into the distant mist. The soil is damp from the rain but dry enough to sit on. The 0.6m picket half a meter away from me is hammered dead-center into cow dung (LOL! It was too dark for them to notice?). There is a tapioca plantation across the road. A blue pilot pen lies between the second and third picket in my column (which is, again, on the extreme left).

Teck Seng just came in a rover to pass me a signal set. Hong Wei and some other instructors were also in the rover. The rover made a 3-point turn and drove back to the expected enemy approach. My callsign is 23 Charlie. The signal set has SQUELCH turned to OFF, causing it to emit white noise ("shhh"). However, the FAULT light is also blinking, adding a beeping to the mix. Two civilian trucks just drove past with a bunch of villagers/farmers dressed up like terrorists in movies. They seem really interested in what we're doing. I'm still the only one awake.

I'll end here because they're here. It's ACTION TIME.