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Friday, March 30, 2012


Friday, 300312, somewhere in Thailand. The time is 0002. I'm in the midst of EX LIGER and I'm doing my stand-two shift that will end at 0200. I was just digging my shell-scrape but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it. The ground is as hard as asphalt and my Pickaxe nearly broke.

It's a good time to relax and start describing my immediate sensory experience.

I'm deployed in the middle of the road under a scary thorny tree. I'm proning on the floor facing the main axis. My favorite orange notebook is in front of me (I'm writing on it) and my rifle is to my right. I'm dressed in SBO. A tactical light hangs on the thorny tree above to light up my notebook. The comms line hangs slightly overhead, occasionally casting a shadow on my book as it crosses the torch. To my right is Nelson and to my left through the thorny shrub is Kenneth. Nelson is fast asleep, while Kenneth is currently vomiting from the nausea caused by Doxycycline. Random sounds of ET blade hitting the ground can be heard from every direction.

The ground I'm proning on is actually made up of mostly thorny twigs, dead leaves, rocks and very fine sand. Melvin has fallen asleep so I'll be sent to HQ for stand-two soon if he doesn't wake up. I'm actually starting to fall asleep myself.

The time now is 1206. I just finished digging my shell-scrape. I can't believe it took me nearly 12 hours to complete it. The ground was too hard. I fell asleep in my shell-scrape for barely five minutes and now there's a bee sting on my left hand. Just removed the sting. Maybe I'm too tired because it didn't hurt that much. I'm going back to sleep now.

I woke up for orders and briefing. I had no serious reactions thankfully. It's probably because I've been stung before in the past. I forgot lunch but it's time to break camp.

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