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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Live Firing?

My general thoughts about live firing? I don't know. I think it didn't go as well as I want it to. I didn't talk much. I didn't really take charge like how I would like to. I only helped in the preparations, maybe some briefings, and that's it. I would fail myself if I were the assessor.

On the morning of the live firing itself, there were no appointment holders around. I didn't know. I happily went off with the advance party while the guys fell in downstairs not knowing what to do. Great that some of them actually took charge and sent the guys for breakfast. Someone also helped facilitate the out-rationing and I have yet to find out who.

The appointment allowed me to see who I can depend on and who can I not. There are a bunch of people that get on my nerves so much that I'd rather not ask them to help. Not only do they have a cohesively bad attitude when it comes to work, sometimes they make me doubt their intelligence when I see the fruits of their work.

It's like they sow a thousand seeds but yet water only one of them with an ocean of toxic water just to grow one tree that produces blue-coloured poo-shaped apples that taste like diesel, have no nutritional value and is detrimental to the environment.

Another set of people taught me that I should really take charge and ensure. I cannot trust people too much to do force-prep for important things seeing that a single short-circuited joint can evade three different checks. That's six people on three different occasions.

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