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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Full speed ahead!

Today was a great day. Handling of the stores were great and we managed to get everything accounted for.

We (I mean: I) screwed up at some parts but at least we got the chance to blow stuff up (reason #1 to go EOD). I even got to clear a misfired initiating chain connected to a door breaching charge. How cool is that?

Tomorrow we'll be having zombie apocalypse survival crash course. I mean, what else can we do with chainsaws, waterpumps and generators, right? I really can't wait!

And guess what day is tomorrow? It's FRIDAY!!! I'm coming back to visit my dearest buddy on Saturday because #1 he is a Jamaican in disguise, and #2 he's doing guard duty.

I have to get commissioning ball settled ASAP! I can't afford to have another flimsy event. We are going to ask for sponsors on the basis that we're being filmed for TV.

I want to be a wizard. I want that night to be MAGICAL!!!

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