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Sunday, February 12, 2012

How has my perception of EOCC changed since entering?

Back in Service Term, my main focus was to give my best in everything I do, then get out of Infantry. Back during the vocation express interest exercise, the general idea for most of us was: "Anything but Infantry".

I put Signals as my first choice, and Engineers as my second. I ordered my vocation express interest choices according to how physically demanding (or to put it bluntly, "slack") I perceived the vocations to be.

Honestly, I am disappointed that I did not get into Signals. Coming from an IT/Engineering background, and possessing various IT certifications (including CCNA), I thought my skill-set would be well suited for service in Signals.

However, I comforted myself thinking that Engineers would be physically undemanding enough for me.

I was dead wrong.

The moment I started interacting with my new peers and coaches in EOCC, previously unheard stories of nightmarish exercises started pouring in. My impression of Engineers took a fulminant turn as the realization of what I'm in for set in. What seemed like a slack vocation became my biggest nightmare.

It took me a few days to mentally prepare for what I'm about to face, and I think it's still not enough. I'll be honest: I'm afraid of the extended AOP, and the 6000 sandbags.

On the bright side, however, my new peers seemed much friendlier than the ones I had back in SAFTI MI. It was difficult being in the ESS (Every Singaporean Son) section where all the "wayangs" unite (and I hate "wayangs").

The people in my new section seemed more real. I sense genuine sincerity in the people around me, and I'm glad to be among them. The road ahead would be difficult, but I'm confident these guys will be the ones that will bring me through.

I can’t wait to discover Engineering.

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