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Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is your impression of Engineer stores? Why do you think it is important to Engineers?

Engineer stores consist of foreign-looking objects alien to the Infantry world. The amount of stores required for an operation would require an operation of its own to consolidate and account for. It would seem like a logistical nightmare to service and maintain the stores.

My thing that came to my mind when introduced to the stores was: "DAMN HEAVY!".

Back in Infantry, the only stores I could really recall were the ones used for basic entrenching and obstacles. Of course, it would only be logical for the Infantries to have minimal stores as their trade revolves around their superior firepower.

The best section weapon for the Engineers is probably the Ultimax 100. We do not carry FN MAG's, so we don't have our own GPMG team for defense purposes. What we have to make up for the lack in small arms firepower is superior equipment.

Being a support element in the army, the Engineers are responsible for the Mobility, Counter-Mobility and Survivability of mainly the ground forces (Infantries and Armored arms). A GPMG team to their FN MAG is like an Engineer to this equipment. Without proper stores and equipment, the Engineers would not be able to accomplish these tasks efficiently.

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