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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lucky me!

I'll admit it, I've been bringing my phone around in my commander's bag everyday. When we were told to own up just now, I didn't; not because of personal integrity issues, but because I DIDN'T BRING IT OUT TODAY! Tell me about Murphy's law man, haha!

Today I'm in an exceptionally good mood. I didn't fail the dreaded MCM test! Honestly there were so many questions I wasn't able to answer outright that I thought I was not going to make the passing cut!

When I ponder about my recent performance, I came across a startling thought: Since when did I start thinking about how to PASS, instead of how to EXCEL? If I was just going to PASS then what makes me worthy to lead the others who also just PASSED?

"I am an officer of the Singapore Armed Forces. My duty is to LEAD, to EXCEL, and to OVERCOME".

We can recite the Officer's Creed a dozen times daily, but it's times like these that the words start to make sense. Each day I live, I shall take a step towards becoming one worthy of leading.

P.S. I told CPT Dacialyn from Signals during an interview that my goal in SAF is not to fail any of the examinations. She said it is a great and challenging goal. I think she's right.

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