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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Room overhaul and others...

I'm about to begin on a room overhaul. Well, not really. I just want to get things in order so that I can walk properly in here. Man it's been long since the last time a real overhaul occurred here. If I remember right, it was back when Jan first came to my place and told me that my room was messy. Right, that was the last time I cleaned up.

EOCC is starting on 090212. My freedom is coming to an end soon. Right now I just want to make sure that I settle as much external issues as possible so that I can have a peace of mind in ETI. I have that book-in email and as usual I'm afraid of opening it.

I'm thinking of redoing a blog template right after this. No guarantees though. I'm going for a haircut at 1830 today at Dion's. Hopefully I can clean my room in time for it.

Dress code for ETI is Polo tops and Penguin bottoms. I feel like buying myself some Ralph Lauren because Giordano is just cheapskate (GLJ spotted).

Anyway I think ETI will be really great, because I've heard from just too many sources that my PC (CPT Samuel Chong) is a great guy.

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