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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm now stuck in camp idling my Sunday away doing guard duty. It allows me to ponder about my priorities, decisions and sense of responsibility.

I feel that responsibility is not something that can be taught to a person. Genuine responsibility comes when a person learns to take pride in the things he do.

I need to learn to be proud of myself; to look more at the positive side of things. Like LTC Psalm Lew once said, a person who is fully self-aware is one who is able to identify his flaws and overcome them with his strengths.

I need to learn to be less critical of myself. Instead of feeling sorry for myself every time I encounter a flaw, I will now make a conscious attempt to fix them.

If I die today, the news headline would begin with "Man dies"; no longer "Teen dies". I'm all grown up now. I should act like one.

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