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Friday, February 17, 2012

Learning in Engineers

I find it difficult to study anything in EOCC (or in fact anything in OCS). I'm not sure if it's the environment or the topics at hand. I love learning when it is about understanding how systems and processes work. When someone gives me a bunch of numbers, figures and terms and ask me to memorize them for an examination, I call it 'brain-dumping'.

At this point I find that the learning system in the third generation army is still based more on memorizing than anything else. This type of system is more apparent in last generation's education system. As a peer lecturer for the past 3 years, I helped many weaker students climb their way into the left side of the results bell curve. I wish to one day revolutionize the way things are taught in the institute.

Back to reality, right now I'm feeling rather dreadful about the test because I don't think I'm game enough to memorize everything. When I couldn't sleep last night all I needed was to open the precis and it took me just 3 minutes to visit dreamland. I just hope that everything I know comes out and everything I don't doesn't.

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